6 Tips for Burning More Calories While Running

Running for weight loss

Most people define calories as weight but, according to Medical News Today, a calorie is actually a unit of energy. The organs and cells of our bodies need the energy to survive, so we need to eat and drink the correct number of calories for our bodies to function properly. The problem occurs if we acquire more calories than we need because this excess is stored as fat. When we begin to experience weight gain, we also begin to search for exercises that will help us get into better shape and burn calories. One of the most effective ways to burn calories is to run. When we run at a comfortable pace, we burn about 8.5 calories per minute. But are there ways for burning more calories while running?

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5 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight by Running

Lose Weight by Running

For some people, running is like breathing – they don’t really feel alive unless they are running. Other people run for a number of different reasons: as part of training for another sport, for good overall health or to lose weight. While running can be a great way to lose weight, there are a number of misconceptions people have about running as it pertains to weight loss.

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Unlock Motivation for Running and Actually Sticking to It

Motivation for Running

So you’re thinking about taking up running? Whether it was a New Year’s resolution and you’re just getting started on it or you need a simple form of exercising in your life. Well done, for making that first step and acting on it! I know it can take a lot just to get started on making a new habit and actually enjoying it. Everyone has the question, though, how in the world do you motivate yourself to run and actually stick with it for more than a week? How to get motivation for running? Running is definitely for the dedicated and we’re here to help you out.

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7 Benefits Of Running You Might Not Have Known

Benefits of Running That You May Not Know About

If you are already a runner, then you may not need to read this article, as you probably already know about these benefits. Running is not just an activity or exercise—it is a way of life. It makes you feel better, smarter and happier. Running also makes you healthier and even enables you to live longer. However, if you have not yet started to run, then those benefits of running listed below will surely get you thinking about getting those running shoes out of your closet and on the open road!

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